Armed Forces veterans survey

We are looking to improve the support we provide for Armed Forces veterans in Herefordshire. By completing this survey, you can help make sure we are providing the right support and services in the right places at the right time.
Herefordshire Council is keen to hear from all Armed Forces veterans who have served one day or more at any time in the past and in any occupation in the Royal Navy, Army, or Royal Air Force (including Reservists and National Service personnel).
We want to know about your experiences since leaving the Armed Forces. We are also interested in any challenges you may have faced, or are currently facing. We will be asking you about your time in the Armed Forces and civilian life after leaving.
The survey should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. We need to hear from as many people as possible, so please spread the word - your voice matters! If you are unable to complete the survey yourself, you are welcome to ask a relative, friend, or colleague to complete it on your behalf.
We will publish the summary and highlights of this survey on our webpage We may also share the results with our partner organisations who provide services and support to Armed Forces veterans. The survey results and comments which you provide will be anonymised and will not contain any personal details that could identify you.  
The closing date for replies is 7 October 2019.
If you have any queries or would like this questionnaire in an alternative format or language, please contact Herefordshire Council Intelligence Unit at, or by calling 01432 261944.

About You

  Are you completing this survey:
  In which branch(es) of the Armed Forces did you serve? Please tick all that apply.
  At birth were you described as...?
  Gender identity: Which of the following describes how you think of yourself?
  What is your age?
How would you describe your ethnicity?
  Asian or Asian British
  Chinese or Chinese British
  Mixed or Mixed British
  What is your marital status?
  Do you have dependent children (aged 15 or under, or aged 16 to 18 if living with you and in full-time education)?
  How long in total did you serve in the Armed Forces?
  What was your rank (when you left the Armed Forces)?
  Were you deployed on any of the following operational or overseas duties? Please tick all that apply.
  Were any of the following factors in your decision to leave the Armed Forces? Please tick all that apply.

About access to services

  Are you aware of the Armed Forces Covenant?
  In the past 3 years which charities, if any, have you gained help or information from? Please tick all that apply.
  How did you find out about services and support available to the Armed Forces community?
Please select all that apply.
  Below is a list of difficulties which some people have faced.  Have you or your household experienced any of the following in the last three years?  Please tick all that apply.
  Please indicate how satisfied or dissatisfied you are with each of the following public services in your local area:
Fire and Rescue
Your GP (family doctor)
Local hospital
Your dentist
Mental health
Local children's centre
Local library
Job Centre Plus
Social housing provider
Adult social care
Local leisure facilities
  Are you, or your household, experiencing any difficulties at the moment, where you are not receiving the help, advice, or support you need?
About your current accommodation
  Which of the following best describes your home?
  If applicable, what kind of specialist accommodaton do you live in?
  Have you ever applied for housing through Home Point?
  If yes, are you still on the Home Point register?
  If no, were you housed through the Home Point system?
  Are you, or have you ever been, homeless?
  Do you consider your current accommodation to be appropriate for your needs?

About your skills, education and employment

  What is the highest level of qualification that you have received from school, college or since leaving education? Please include any work-based or vocational training.
  When applying for jobs, were/are your military qualifications and experience recognised by employers?
  How much of your past experience, skills and abilities which you gained in the Armed Forces can you make use of in your present job?
  Which of these activities best describes what you are doing at present?
  How easy was it to find suitable employment when you left the Armed Forces?
  How long did it take to find employment when you left the Armed Forces?
  Overall, about how often over the last 12 months have you given unpaid help to any group(s), club(s) or organisation(s)? Please only include work that is unpaid and not for your family.

About your health and wellbeing

  Are you and your family currently...
Registered with a dentist
Registered with a GP
  Were you asked, or were you able, to discuss with your GP or dentist that you were from an Armed Forces background?
  Have your military medical records been received by your civilian GP?
  Do you have a disability, long-term illness or health problem (12 months or more) which limits daily activities or the work you can do?
  If yes, are your day to day activities limited by this health condition or disability?
  Do you look after, or give any help or support to family members, friends, neighbours or others because of either:

• long-term physical or mental ill-health / disability?
• problems related to old age?

Do not count anything you do as part of your paid employment.
  Typically, how often are you in contact with family, friends, or neighbours?
  Can you rate your experience to the following statements?
I feel well adjusted and happy in civilian life
I've been able to get support when needed
I've been able to enter appropriate employment with good career prospects
I feel financially secure
I feel in a state of positive mental health and wellbeing
I have a secure place to live
I feel settled in civilian life but looking back found the transition difficult
I find it easy to speak about my Armed Forces background
I feel I've been fairly treated in civilian life
  Would you be interested in taking part in further face-to-face sessions to give us more feedback on your experiences?
If yes, please provide your contact details below. We will only use these to invite you to participate in future research on support for Armed Forces veterans in Herefordshire.

Thank you for taking the time to fill in our survey

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